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8 Tips for Planning a First Birthday Party

A child’s first birthday is a major milestone, so it’s reasonable to throw a party. However, parties at that age call for special considerations to make sure that the child stays safe and happy.

Durable Dishes

Toddlers can be destructive, so you should be sure not to bring anything too fragile to a first birthday party. This is especially true when it comes to dishes, since they can easily knock them around while they try to get food into their mouths. Keeping things cheap and sturdy will prevent expensive accidents.

Check for Allergies

Food allergies are fairly common, and they can be enough to put a small child into the hospital. If you’re bringing friends over to celebrate the event, be sure to check for allergies if you intend to serve food. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to dietary needs.

Keep it Short

Kids get tired easily, and they don’t have long attention spans. A long party is a disaster waiting to happen, so you should try to keep it within an hour or two. If you must make it longer, be sure to schedule some nap time.

Bring High Chairs

If you invite people who have small children of their own, you should be sure to bring a few extra high chairs so they can feed their toddlers properly. It is possible to get by without them, but bringing the spares will make things easier for your guests when it is time to eat.

Be Flexible

Small children are unpredictable. You should always try to have a backup plan in case of an unexpected mess or a sudden tantrum that disrupts your original plan. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, but just keeping some extra food around or providing a quiet place to calm down can be a big help.

Take Pictures

A child’s first birthday is a big event, and you will want to remember it. You don’t need to bring in a professional photographer, but you should bring a camera to snap pictures of the best moments.

Bring Extra Cleaning Supplies

Messes are going to happen, and all you can do is try to clean them up quickly. Try to keep a stock of cleaning supplies in a discreet place to make that easier. You shouldn’t keep them in the open, since that will clash with most decorations, but they should be easily available.

Stay Casual

Try to remember that you are planning a party for a small child. They are not going to stress over the details, so you can keep everything casual and make it much easier to handle. A little bit of flair can be great for entertaining the older guests, but there is no reason to go to great lengths for this type of party.