How to Choose the Best Outdoor Fireplace for Your Backyard

An outdoor fireplace is similar to an indoor fireplace, and it is built from bricks, stones or concrete blocks along with mortar to hold the materials together. There are great reasons to have an outdoor fireplace, including having a place to cook food or to provide warmth while you are sitting outside.

1: The Size of a Property

One of the first things to consider when choosing an outdoor fireplace is the size of a lawn. A small outdoor fireplace will look silly, and it won’t provide enough warmth for your guests or space for cooking a meal. Alternatively, a fireplace that is too large will overpower your lawn, leaving no extra space for a garden, chairs or tables.

2: Understanding Safety Codes

Before you hire a contractor to build an outdoor fireplace, make sure to check your geographic region’s safety codes. Your contractor will need to obtain a building permit to add an outdoor fireplace to your lawn, and they are required to supply a detailed plan to a government office before you can have the item installed.

3: What Kind of Material Do You Want to Use?

There are several types of materials that you can use to build an outdoor fireplace, and a contractor can provide advice about the best one for your lawn. Materials that you can choose from include:

Stucco – a fine plaster
• Concrete – fast and inexpensive for a contractor to build
• Stone – natural material that provides a unique appearance
• Brick – an affordable material

4: How Do You Plan to Use an Outdoor Fireplace?

There are several ways to use an outdoor fireplace, including gathering around it on a cool evening to stay warm while enjoying nature. In addition, you might want to use an outdoor fireplace to cook food such as hot dogs or marshmallows on a stick. If you want to prepare food, then you will need to have a way to get near the firebox.

5: What Type of Fuel Do You Want to Use?

It is possible to use different types of fuel in a fireplace, but you need to choose one variety before building it. The fuels that you can choose from include:

• Propane gas
• Ethanol
• Gel
• Wood
• Liquid
• Natural gas
• Alcohol

6: Choosing a Design for Your Fireplace

You can select a basic design for an outdoor fireplace that has been used by other people, or you can create a unique shape that no one has seen before. If you have an idea about how an outdoor fireplace should look, then draw a sketch. It is also possible to find a landscaping artist who can plan an outdoor fireplace that provides a special ambience for your lawn.

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