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Statewide crappie recap: Bayou Black

February 27, 2014 Houma No Comments

Prime spots embody Turtle Bayou and 70 Mile Canal

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Prime sac-a-lait locations around Bayou Black embody Turtle Bayou and 70 Mile Canal.
Photo by Capt. Bill Lake

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a fifth essay in an online array on prohibited crappie spots opposite a state that creatively seemed in Louisiana Sportsman magazine. Today’s essay facilities information on Bayou Black, and tomorrow we’ll take a closer demeanour during a Black River Lake/Horseshoe formidable .

Tim Bye lives in Luling, and knows a waters in a Bayou Des Allemands complement like a behind of his hand.

But when he’s wanting to locate some sac-a-lait — and he’s flattering most always wanting to locate crappie — he turns his courtesy a bit west to a waters south of Houma.

“They locate some good fish in a Des Allemands area, don’t get me wrong, though if we wish numbers Bayou Black is where we wish to go,” Bye said.

He pronounced that’s since those waters are connected to a mouth of a Atchafalaya River, so uninformed H2O is constantly being pushed by a system.

Bye’s favorite time to fish Bayou Black is indeed in a summer, when he pronounced crappie are easier to pattern. But that doesn’t meant there aren’t fish to locate this month.

It’s usually a matter of bargain what they’re doing.

“The H2O heat has to get to about 62 degrees before they pierce adult to spawn,” Bye said. “Until then, they’re staged passed in a center of a (dead-end) canals that have 5 to 8 feet of H2O in them.

He pronounced he’ll quite demeanour during that depot ends of these canals since that’s where a deepest H2O will be found.

“Look for a small drop-off,” Bye recommended. “They’re staged right there watchful to pierce up.”

Bye refuses to use minnows (he pronounced they’re usually not necessary), so he works jigs underneath corks to aim these dangling fish.

Panfish Assassins in white-haired are torpedo plastics since they impersonate weed shrimp, Bye said. The usually other tone he’ll use is a blue sparkle/chartreuse flicker body.

“I don’t know what that represents, though it works,” he pronounced of a latter.

Of course, H2O clarity is important.

“You dont’ wish to fish muddy, murky water, though we don’t wish to fish in that black water, either,” Bye said.

Prime locations embody Turtle Bayou and 70 Mile Canal.

And a best news is that it’s mostly not required — or correct — to get out on a H2O during daylight when cold fronts have atmosphere temperatures bottomed out.

“Sometimes a afternoon fishing is better,” Bye said. “The H2O heats adult a little.”

Article source: http://www.louisianasportsman.com/details.php?id=6271

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