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Extreme Heat and Violent Winds Keep California in Danger

Firefighters have lots of work nowadays within California due to a huge amount of fires occurring because of the rapid temperature rise. Los Angeles San Fernando Valley became one of the “victims” of vicious fires that were spreading around ta area because of the temperature and strong winds.


The air gets hotter and drier around Southern California, making all firefighter teams ready 24/7. The fire in the Lakeview Terrace (LA) was among the most threatening, as the homes nearby turned out to be in danger. But after a powerful air attack the flame was gone.

There was no notice of the cause of the fire that has been completely fought after two hours of the attack. 62 acres of land came out blackened, and the people from 20 houses decided to evacuate, even though there was so official announcement about such a necessity.

The fire around the Aliso Canyon was fought for a day, without any injuries or evacuations. There’s no clear reason for this fire either, but the authorities report it might be a broken power line. Ground teams of firefighters were in a difficult situation that time because of 20 to 38 mph winds the area was extremely difficult to access.


The red flags are being raised in other areas of the country, as hot dry winds encompass a wider territory. There was one blow that was as fast as 67 mph, which is obviously highly dangerous.

The temperatures are dramatically rising to 80-90 degrees, going up to 100 little by little, according to the data from the National Weather Service. The level of dryness also increases because the winds draw back the beneficial influence of the Pacific Ocean that always gives some moisture to the air and cools the temperature.

The wildfires continue around the area, and the authorities cannot give any clear information about when this condition will end.