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Need to know everything that is happening in Los Angeles? No problem, we created this website for your convenience. We present all the current news and coverage of the events happening in LA, California, and nationwide.

LA Newsfeed is a company that hires only the best professionals to ensure the time you spend on this site is as productive as possible.

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We understand that living in such a big city with all its busy working and thousands of events held, you can’t know everything important by just asking colleagues or reading regular newspapers. That’s why we decided to create a service that would focus directly on the LA people and guests of the city.

Our journalists do their best to choose events objectively, and it influences the language we deliver our news in. It means you can be sure that you won’t find any subjective criticism on the pages of LA Newsfeed.

Our wide range of partnerships allows us to check all the news that we receive, so that we could give our target audience, which you’re definitely a part of, only those articles that have real proofs. No payed news, no boring advertisements!

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