8 Common Signage Mistakes You Need to Avoid Making

When you own a business, you need to make sure that customers see what you’re selling and some of the discounts that you offer. In order to do this, you might make a few signs to put outside the business or inside on the walls. There are a few mistakes that you want to avoid when it comes to signage so that customers know exactly what you’re trying to get across.

1. Words might seem like a good thing, but customers usually don’t want to read a paragraph just to see what you have for sale. Keep everything on the sign in simple wording so that the customer can scan the sign in a few seconds to get the point.

2. Look at the colors that are used. Bright colors can grab the attention of customers, but they can also be blinding. Use a neutral background color with letters on the opposite end of the color wheel for the letters. Don’t use background colors and letters that are of the same shade as the sign can be hard to read.

3. Avoid using fonts that are hard to read. Elegant script might look good on the sign, but the letters often run together. Block letters or a simple font is often best when it comes to signs, and make sure the letters are large enough to be seen from across the room.

4. Instead of using clip art or a lot of other images, consider only using one picture to get the point across. This is where a lot of business owners make mistakes in thinking that it’s best to use a lot of images to show what’s for sale when customers really just want to see the discounts and basic information.

5. The location of the sign should be in a place that’s easy for customers to read. Don’t put the sign too high so that customers have to strain to read it, but you don’t want the sign hidden by racks or cabinets.

6. Make sure all of the information on the sign is spelled correctly and that the grammar is correct. If the sign isn’t properly formatted, then customers might think that you aren’t professional and that you don’t know how to communicate.

7. Think about who is going to see the sign. If it’s a business that is focused on families, then consider using a fun design so that children can read it as well. If you have a business that focuses more on adults, then you need to create a sign that has more of a professional image.

8. Somewhere on the sign should be a call to action. Offer a Facebook page that customers can go to or a phone number to call to get more information about products.

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