5 Personalized Ornament Gifts for Friends and Family

Christmas is right around the corner, which means that soon everyone will be rushing to purchase gifts to put under the tree. For someone who has a lot of people to buy for, this can get to be pretty expensive though. So instead of leaving loved ones empty handed on this special holiday, why not give them a small handmade gift like a personalized ornament? Read on for five ornaments that are super easy and inexpensive to make.

Puff-Paint Snowflakes

Cut out several small snowflakes from wax or parchment paper. Then, use blue colored puff-paint to write each person’s name on them. Add a sprinkle of silver glitter over the glue, and let them dry. Tie a piece of ribbon through them, and they are ready to give.

Light Bulb Angels

Buy a box of the cheapest light bulbs that you can find. They usually come in packs of four. Paint the bulbs light blue. Then, cut out tiny little wings from plain white paper, and glue them on. Dip the silver end of the light bulb in glue. Then, add a sprinkle of wood shavings. For the face, glue on a little picture of the person you want to give the ornament too. Don’t forget to hot glue on a little hook to the back of the bulb for hanging it up.

Tailored Tea Cups

These are especially cute to give little girls. Pick up some dainty tea cups from a thrift store. Then, set the cups upside down, and use gold paint to write each person’s name on them. Tie a little bell and ribbon in a big bow through each of the cup’s handles.


Either buy or make a pair of small mittens. Then, sew each pair together with a long piece of yarn. Tie the yarn into a little bow. Use fabric paint to write the person’s name on each mitten. These are great for children because they can wear them after it is time to take down the tree.

Picture in a Bulb

Cut out a copied picture of the person that you want to make an ornament for. Make sure it is in the shape of a square. Then, take off the end of a clear glass ornament. Roll up the person’s picture just enough to make it slip through the end. It should unroll once it is inside. Fill the bulb with a dash of glitter, and put the end back on.

These simple ornaments can all be made in less than an hour. Feel free to change them up a little to make them your own creative gifts that everyone is sure to love.

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