5 Non-Military Industries that Use Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are a unique way to acknowledge a person’s feats, aspirations, current memberships or endeavors, and obstacles previously overcome. As far back as Ancient Roman times, similar coins were given to soldiers to commemorate accomplishment and membership. Today, we continue this time-honored tradition of honoring those around us.

Those in the military are perhaps the most common patrons of the legacy of the challenge coin. Outside of the military though, which industries employ this act of commemoration via coin regularly? Let’s take a look at five examples.

Substance Abuse Treatment Industry

In substance abuse treatment, all involved can experience many dramatic trials and tribulations. This pertains to professional workers, the addicted program participants, and even the loved ones of both. To commemorate the many levels of advancement in the process in addition to other endeavors of success, challenge coins often fit the occasion quite well. Program steps, difficulties overcome, and even symbols of freedom are all frequently represented here.


According to the Boy Scouts of America “The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations. The BSA provides a program for young people that builds character, trains them in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and develops personal fitness”. This values-based type of industry extends to Girl Scouts and several other, similar organizations. Perhaps there is no better venue for a challenge coin than within the scouts, where personal achievement is what it’s all about.

Medical Industry

For those working in or highly affiliated with the medical industry, the challenges of this line of work and passion can be great. It is within this profession that lives are trusted, saved, and sometimes lost. Commemoration in the form of challenge coins has been a long-standing practice in the medical community. Anniversaries, occupational advancements, difficult circumstances well-handled, lives saved – these are often the meaningful basis of many challenge coins.

First Responders and Emergency Workers

Some of the most emotionally and physically demanding work can be attributed to those working in first response and other emergency response positions. Saving lives and handling chaos, these professionals serve us all. Challenge coins have been utilized in this occupation for many years as well. Police officers, EMT’s, fire fighters, and many others work here and see it all. Customized challenge coin commemoration is thus a fitting, humble, and respectful homage to those serving here.

Teaching Industry

Educators account for a uniquely critical group – those who shape the minds of our future generations. The unique duties of this area of work certainly do call for a particular camaraderie in the educational community. Challenge coins are often used here to call attention to anniversaries, teaching milestones, and even student progress and growth.

These five industries are just a handful of the many that use challenge coins for unique, commemorative purposes. In addition, those currently and previously serving in the military provide major patronage to this commemorative classic as well. This is the world of challenge coins and their unique ability to pay custom homage in so many valued areas.

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