5 Great Ways to Organize Your Home Office

Having a home office is convenient and empowering, but some people allow it to get less tidy than it should be. They are their own boss, after all, and who is going to care? But the fact is a neat home office is a comfortable place to be and increases the worker’s productivity. Here are five great ways to organize a home office:

1. Buy an Accordion Folder
Instead of having a great blizzard of notes, labels, cards, stickies and stationery all over the desk, buy an accordion folder. Label each slot and drop in the appropriate items. Tie the accordion folder with the grosgrain ribbon many of them come with, and put in on a shelf.

2. Tidy the Cords and Wires
The computer and printer have their own cords. So does the lamp, the radio, the desk clock and the power strip. Instead of allowing them to tangle up on the floor, attach the power strip to the underside of the desk. Then, buy a basket made of coated wire and place it by the strip. Bundle the other cords in the basket, and secure them with twist ties and little round tags to identify each cord.

3. File Intelligently and Regularly
Do not let a “to file” folder get so full that it starts to bulge and spill its contents. Don’t let the in or out box become mountainous with paper either. File correspondence, receipts, paid bills, and credit card statements in their proper files in the file cabinet every day. File to the back, which means put each new item behind the old ones. This makes it easy when searching is necessary.

Be mindful of the 20/80 rule. Experts in home offices have figured out that only 20 percent of everything in a file cabinet needs to be there. The other 80 percent can be tossed because it is never looked at again.

4. Buy a Tabletop File
Buy a small tabletop hanging file to hold items that need to be tended to quickly. There should be three files labeled “To Pay,” “To File” and “To Do.” They should be checked daily. If the home office also handles household activities, everyone in the family should have their own set of files.

5. Keep the Drawer Tidy
Though few people see the inside of the drawer save the worker, it’s still important to keep it as neat as everything else in the home office. One way to do this is by putting a dividing tray in the drawer. Then, place small items such as paper clips and stick pins into little tins and trays, and tuck them into the compartments in the tray. This not only keeps the drawer from being a mess but is aesthetically pleasing.

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