5 Crucial Ways to Keep Our Beaches Clean

The water quality of our nation’s beaches is a paramount concerns for environmentalists all over the country because it influences our drinking water as well as one of our nation’s valuable natural resources. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, about 10 percent of the samples taken from coastal water sources all over the country failed to meet the national standard for swimmer safety based on the quality of the water. One of the most serious contaminants of our nation’s oceans is untreated storm water runoff. There are about 10 trillion gallons of storm water that flows into our oceans each year. There are widespread efforts to improve the quality of storm water that reaches our oceans, but there is still plenty that can be done to improve the overall quality of beaches.

1. Do not throw cigarette butts into the sand at the beach.

Some people do not see this action as littering, but it most certainly is. The toxins that are found in used cigarette butts are actually more harmful to the environment and water supply than most other sources of litter. With the tides, the cigarette butts that are tossed in the sand end up in the ocean water and contaminate the environment of many different species of fish, birds and other wildlife.

2. Pick up litter whenever you can.

It goes without saying that you should always try to leave a beach in the same condition as you found it when you arrived. However, if you could actually take that one step further to pick up and dispose of any additional trash that you find along your way, this would go a long way in reducing pollution in the ocean.

3. Clean up after your pets.

If you bring your dog to the beach, be sure to pick up after any waste that it might leave. When animal feces are washed away into the ocean, this is harmful to all kinds of other animals that depend on the ocean water for their habitats.

4. Try to reduce your use of plastics.

The best way to keep plastics out of the ocean is to prevent plastics from being littered in the first place. Try replacing your disposable water bottle with a reusable one.

5. Do not burn trash in bonfires.

Bonfires are plenty of fun at the beach, but be sure to keep your trash out of the fire. The fumes can be toxic to the surrounding wildlife. Stick to burning wood only, and clean up your trash.

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