5 Cigars to Give as Groomsmen Gifts

Cigars are a wonderful way to celebrate a momentous occasion. These occasions come so infrequently, however, that a great idea can leave you feeling lost in a sea of information. With as much complexity as wine or coffee and a near limitless variety to choose from, selecting a good cigar can be one more chore that you simply do not need.

To make your life easier, here is a selection of five cigars with varying qualities. Consider your groomsmen, their aptitude for smoking, and their tastes, and find the cigar that bests fits everyone’s needs.

As a preface to the selection, there are a few key factors that go picking out a great cigar. Color grade of the wrapper (lighter is generally sweeter and more mild, while darker tends towards rich flavor), brand name, size, shape, and even how they are packaged. There is a lot to consider, but the selection provided will give a great starting point for anyone looking to delve in deeper.

Espada by Montecristo Quillon

The Espada is a 7″ cigar with a 56 ring gauge which makes it a hefty choice. “Espada” means “sword” in Spanish, and is likely a reference to the sheer bulk of this aromatic selection. The size is offset by a sweeter taste and light color. Spicy notes like ginger and cinnamon define this cigar.

Alec Bradley Sanctum Toro

A well rounded blend of tobacco fused with a multinational combination of parts, the Sanctum Toro is pleasing from every angle. A mild start tapers to a rich finish with this 6″ 52 ring gauge cigar ranges from white pepper spiciness to vanilla and almond paste savory tones. The Sanctum Toro balances the best of the cigar world into an easy to palate package.

Cao Flathead V660 Carb

A darker and richer cigar than most, the Cao Flathead V660 Carb emulates the excitement inherent to muscle cars. V660 refers to both the car engine and the cigars physical dimensions: 6″ with a 60 ring gauge. Warm leather, molasses, and ripe fruit characterize this stylish addition to the Flathead line.

Jericho Hill Willy Lee

A cigar man’s cigar, the Jericho Hill Lee is not for the faint of heart. A flatly pressed 6″ 54 ring gauge cigar that produces ample smoke, the Willy Lee has hearty wood and herbal notes on first draw that taper to toast, nuts, and a licorice finish.

Romeo y Julieta Belicoso

A complex smoke that offers red wine notes mixed with vanilla, wood, and hints of salted caramel. The October 2015 box date Romeo y Julietta Belicoso is an excellent Cuban cigar at 5 1/2″ and 52 ring gauge. Complexity meets refinement in this authentic Cuban.

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