4 Essential Items to Have on Your First Fishing Trip

When preparing for your first fishing trip, packing properly should always be your priority to ensure that you have a memorable experience. In particular, there are certain essentials that you have to pack to ensure that your fishing adventure is smooth and pleasant.

Fishing License

Whether you are going to release or keep your catch, you must have a valid fishing license for the state you plan to fish in as well as that of your home state. In other words, fishing licenses are only good in the states where you receive them. If you purchase your license in Ohio, for instance, and you are planning to go to a fishing adventure in Michigan, you must have a Michigan permit. Fishing permits will also tell you the types of fish that are in season, the size limits of the fish you plan to catch and the relevant regulations in place on the water body you intend to fish.

Right Fishing Gear

Because there are countless fish species swimming in the world waters and nearly as many techniques to fish them, the key thing to remember when it comes to the right fishing gear is to let the conditions dictate. Scout for gears that match both the fishing conditions and your game fish.

As a guide, basic fishing gear include fishing rods and reel, line, tackle box, and bait. If you are going to fish with organic bait, you should be ready with hooks, corks, sinkers, and swivels. Remember, your fishing gear should be specialized. The line and hook that you need for freshwater panfish will be very different from what you’ll need for saltwater king mackerel.

Food and water

Never bank on the fishes as your sole source of food—even the most experienced anglers go home empty-handed at times. On short trips, you can pack a snack bar and a water bottle. For longer trips, you will need to pack more food and a reliable water purification system.

Health and safety gear

You will need a hat and sunscreen to protect you from the scorching sun and polarized sunglasses to boost water visibility. You must have a good knife. Other items to pack include bug repellants, first aid kit, toilet tissue, feminine products, rescue throw bag, and nylon rope among other essential safety equipment.

The more equipped you are for your first fishing trip, the more enjoyable it will turn out to be. Strive to take extras of everything. You will definitely thank yourself when you need them most. After the trip, you should revise your list of your gear and supplies so that you are even more prepared in your subsequent fishing expeditions.

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