4 Benefits of Having Your Air Conditioner Regularly Serviced

Like any motorized appliance, air conditioning systems need to be serviced on a regular basis in order to maximize their output and longevity of service.

Because many parts of the country have extreme weather seasons between cold and warm-hot, many air conditioners are not in use half the time. This leads to the old adage, “out of sight, out of mind.” When the summer heat returns and people turn on their cooling system for the first time in many months, too often there are problems. To avoid long waits for service when you need it the most, you should initiate a program of regular maintenance.

Here are four benefits of regular AC maintenance:

1. Improved Efficiency

Annual preventative maintenance on your AC system makes it more energy efficient. During the scheduled service call, the maintenance worker should clean all of the cooling coils, blades and other components.

Clean cooling coils are more efficient at generating cold air. In addition, a maintained system uses less energy, thus reducing your cost to operate the unit.

2. Extends Equipment Life

Just like the family car, regular AC maintenance will keep your system running well during the entire life-cycle of the system. Many HVAC companies report that that lack of regular maintenance is the main reason AC systems don’t last until the end of their estimated life-cycle.

By maintaining your AC system each year, you will maximize the life of your unit and enjoy the comfort it provides for years to come.

3. Improves Air Quality

Dirt, dust and debris tend to collect inside the cages and on the filters inside you unit when in use. These deposits can escape into the air inside your home or workplace and degrade the quality of the air.

Routine maintenance includes a check and cleaning of the buildup of all of these annoying particulates so that the air you breathe inside is pollution free.

4. Fewer Costly Repairs

The cost of a yearly maintenance inspection is far less than having to have a compressor or some other expensive part replaced due to a lack of inspection and service.

When you have AC system regularly maintained, you reduce the chances that you will have to pay for costly emergency repair in the future.

The inspection of all of the AC equipment is included in every yearly maintenance inspection. The worker will check for damaged or worn parts. If any replacements are needed, you will be notified. You then can replace the parts to prevent further damage and avoid expensive emergency service call.

Cleaning and maintenance will also extend the life of the most expensive part in your AC system, the compressor. It is a major component of your AC and can be very expensive to repair or replace. By having the coils cleaned yearly, you can greatly reduce any abuse to the compressor and avoid a major repair.

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