3 Ways to Use Your Lights on Multiple Holidays

Ever since Thomas Edison had the first Christmas light created for his tree on December 22,1888, people have adored using Christmas holiday lights. Even though the press ignored Edison’s invention calling it a publicity stunt, Americans soon started to decorate with holiday lights everywhere. This year when the holidays are over, do not put your holiday lights away, but use the lights to decorate for other holidays.

Holiday Wreaths

While lighted evergreen wreaths have long been a perennial favorite, it is easy to make your own wreaths for other occasions. Start by getting a Styrofoam wreath and cover it with strips cut out of burlap. Now, stick in some beautiful holiday flowers. The flowers that you use will depend on the holiday, but choose ones that easily fluff as you will be hiding the light cord beneath their foilage. The last step is to simply wrap the wreath with your holiday lights while hiding the cord underneath the flowers. This wreath can be attractively hung at many different places in your home.

Twinkle Light Wall Art

Creating holiday wall art with twinkle lights is very easy. You can make a large heart for Valentine’s Day, a flag for the Fourth or a turkey for Thanksgiving. Start by creating a holiday picture on a piece of foam board. Then, decide where you want the lights to be on your project. Use a drill to make holes in the board sticking the lights through from the back side. Now, insert the foam board into stretcher bars and attach a picture hanger. Depending on the size and weight of your project, you may need more than one. Attach felt pads to the back corners of your project to keep it from scratching the walls. Hang the project near an electrical outlet and enjoy throughout the next holiday.


Twinkle lights are a wonderful addition to any holiday table. There are so many different ways that you can incorporate them into your centerpieces for every holiday. Use lights inside a vase to make artificial flowers look extra nice. Alternatively, use real flowers in the vase and set it on a thin log slab outlined with Christmas lights. Skip the glass vase, and wrap the lights around unusual options that can serve as a vase such as a pineapple for a summer holiday party, pumpkins for Halloween or gourds for Thanksgiving. Once you start getting creative, then you will discover so many possibilities.

Do not put your Christmas lights away, as there are many ways that you can use them to decorate for every holiday. In fact, you better buy some more this year because when your creative juices start flowing, there will be no stopping you.

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