3 Great Gifts For Your Gluten Free Loved One

Gluten free living is on the rise as more people are being diagnosed with Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance or sensitivity. According to NBC News, “One new study found that young people today are four and a half times more likely to have celiac than those in the 1950’s”. This increase has given birth to grocery store aisles and restaurants dedicated entirely to a gluten free diet. Some schools are now offering gluten free meals that are being prepared in special kitchens to prevent cross contamination. This is exciting news for persons with gluten issues.

The holidays can be an especially difficult time for persons who cannot have gluten. If you have a loved one who is living a gluten free lifestyle, you might want to consider a special holiday gift that shows your support and compassion for his or her gluten free lifestyle. There are so many great things that can make life easier. I have listed three of my favorites.

How Can It Be Gluten-Free Cookbook

The experts at America’s Test Kitchen spent a long time coming up with recipes for making popular dishes without gluten. They studied the science behind gluten and tested thousand of recipes. The How Can It Be Gluten-free Cookbook also offers taste test results of popular gluten free products. This 2 Volume set is the encyclopedia of gluten free recipes. NPR’s popular Fresh Air show host Terry Gross interviewed Jack Bishop and Julia Collin Davison, the cookbook editors.You can purchase the one or both of the books at the America’s Test Kitchen website.

Personal Blender

Smoothies are popular nutrient dense meals. Many people use protein powder supplements in their smoothies. Gluten is present in some of these supplements. To prevent cross-contamination, a nice gift is a personal blender. Personal blenders are much smaller than full size blenders and can be stored in a kitchen cabinet easily. They are also portable. The one I like is the Magic Bullet. It is well priced and comes with various sized accessories to make travelling with it more convenient. Another popular personal blender is the Nutri-Bullet. You can find personal blenders at Bed Bath and Beyond. They are a bargain if you use the BB&B 20% off coupon.

Williams-Sonoma Gift Certificate

Gift certificates are great because they allow the lucky person who receives one to pick out exactly what he or she really wants. Williams-Sonoma has so many kitchen gadgets and equipment to choose from, especially for persons who might need their own cutting board, baking dish, or hand towel to prevent gluten from accidentally getting into their meals. The company also offers a variety of gluten free foods like baking mixes, jams, and pasta dishes. It is easy to order a gift certificate online or pick one up in any store.

Gluten free living is becoming much more convenient today than it was a few years ago. The literature, food options, restaurants, and equipment are seemingly endless. This is such great news for those of us

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